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Gout well soon!

Gout and Acupuncture

It is likely there are more frequent temptations of rich food and alcohol consumption. If you do suffer with Gout and are looking for a new solution to help control the excruciating pain it can cause; acupuncture could be on your horizon.

Acupuncture is found to be an effective way to treat acute and chronic gout attacks. It is particularly helpful at relieving the onset of pain and reducing swelling caused by inflammation. It may certainly fit in to anyone’s life who does not want to face the series of complications that medications can bring. Receiving treatment during a flare will move the blockage, enhance circulation in the area, and relieve the pain. The use of paper thin needles placed in areas local to the sores as well as distal points, improves blood circulation during the attack. The points in turn, release natural pain killers called endorphins which helps reduce gout pain and also address the underlying cause. Between episodes of Gout the strategy would be to continue treatment to resolve the underlying cause with the accompany of dietary changes to prevent any further flare ups, thus reducing the amount of attacks.

The cause of Gout is a build-up of uric acid crystals, which your body is struggling to eliminate. Uric acid is a metabolite of purine, a chemical found in high concentrations in rich foods like organ meats, oily fish, shellfish, yeast and beer. Interestingly, purines found in plant-based foods don’t tend to build up and cause Gout as commonly as animal based foods.

Gout conditions are often an effect from poor diet, excess alcoholic beverage intake and stress. This interpreted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) mean the poor diet creates a Damp, and alcohol creates heat in the body. Both the Damp and Heat conditions obstruct the Qi (energy) flow through joints. The Damp is caused by the weakened function of the Spleen as it overloaded by rich greasy. The Spleen’s ability is to transform fluids and this can become impaired, which manifests in swelling and the oedema symptoms, the red soreness usually forming around the toes. There are a number of things that cause heat in the body, the main catalysts with Gout is; alcohol and stress.

If you struggle with Gout, there are a few things that you can do for yourself to help prevent future episodes, including:

  • Stay hydrated, as it helps flush the uric acid out of your system.

  • Avoid or reduce alcohol. Not only does it make you dehydrated, but it also aggravates your Gout.

  • Avoid or reduce foods contain high level of purines, and do your best to avoid eating those foods in large quantities.

  • Avoid rich and fatty foods.

  • Stay clear of high fructose foods.

If you suffer from Gout and want to try a more holistic approach, please contact the Clinic to book a Consultation.

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