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Covid -19

The Clinic is Open

The health and welfare of my patients is always my highest priority.  If I feel at any time that remaining open is not beneficial to them and the community at large I will close the clinic immediately.

At this time, there has been no report of any infected or potentially infected patients or visitors to the clinic. 
By continuing to provide acupuncture & kinesiology treatments I believe I can do more good during this crisis by strengthening immunity, decreasing stress and anxiety and otherwise improving general physical and emotional health than by closing the clinic.


No Facilities Available

Unfortunately due to the heightened measures access to facilities will be closed off due to the cross contamination to vulnerable residents on site. 

Sterilisation & Cleanliness

The standards of hygiene and sterility are very high in the clinic. However we have, of course, implemented some additional safeguards in light of the current crisis. Some simple policy guidelines in place for your safety:​​

  • All surfaces, door handles etc. are cleaned with antibacterial disinfectant between each treatment.

  • Session times will not over run to allow (i) a complete treatment room sterilisation/ change of all towels and tools; (ii) eliminate patient to patient contact.

  • Everyone entering the clinic will need to wash hands on arrival.

  • Toilet & hand-washing facilities are cleaned after every patient.

  • Moxa smoke has been shown to reduce airborne contaminants.

  • Ozone generator used to completely deep clean the air & surfaces in treatment rooms once a day. 


The schedule at Heiwa Clinic will need to run on time. This means that there enough time for sterilisation measures to take place and the risk of infection is extremely low.


Please do not attend if you: 

  • Have flu-like symptoms, or a persistent dry cough.

  • A fever above 37.8C.

  • Have travelled to the affected areas of Covid-19. 

  • Have returned from travel in the last 14 days.

  • Have a close friend or family member or been in contact with someone who has the Covid-19 virus.

  • Exhibiting the any symptoms.

  • If you are not following gov.uk social distancing guidelines, as you may put others at risk.


Contactless mobile payments cam be made via SumUp. A payment link will be sent via text. 

Please register with SumUp prior to the appointment. 

Register: https://me.sumup.com/login

What is the latest update from Government?

For the latest Government websites for information:


UK Government response can be found here: