Covid -19 Safety 

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The clinic is open

Heiwa Clinic Precautionary Procedures For Your Safety

• Patients to declare themselves free from any Corona Virus symptoms at the time of booking an appointment.

• Patients to confirm themselves free of any Corona Virus symptoms on the morning of treatment, including, where possible, to confirm their temperature is not elevated.

• Everyone entering the clinic will wash hands and gel sanitise, on arrival and on after treatment.

• Face masks to be worn for the duration of the visit in the clinic (please provide your own). I must ask patients to wear a non-FRSM surgical mask as a minimum.

• Please avoid and limit bringing personal belongings into the clinic; please leave bag and coat in car. Try to limit items to a phone and keys.

• You will be asked to remove shoes in a designated area (only on the black mat provided)

• As always couch roll will be used and the couch table and floor will be disinfected between each patient.

• Please bring a sarong or towel for modesty, currently none will be provided.

• The room will be treated with an Ozone machine and vented daily.

• Unfortunately, at this moment of time; access to toilet facilities unavailable; to stop any cross contamination to the residents of the building.

• All first-time patient appointments require payment at the time of booking, to ensure the smooth running of the clinic.

• For new patients, a remote consultation will be required.

• Due to time restrictions your follow up appointments will need to be arranged via text or call. 

• All appointments will be punctual and must not over run the 45 mins; this will allow time to sanitise and air the room for the next patient.

• Payments can be made in cash or BACS prior to the appointment; late payments will incur a ‘late payment fee’ (BACS can be required on request).


Thank you for all your support. See you all soon.💙😊🙏🏽