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 Kinesiology – Food Testing

Most people who have heard of kinesiology associate it with food sensitivity testing, where it can be really useful as the body can be drained of energy by food intolerances that weaken the system.

Our main aim in treating patients, is to uncover the many underlying reasons why a person is so intolerant to their internal and external environment. Using kinesiology, we can identify the imbalances that the body needs dealt with as a priority. We can then find the right type of treatment to resolve the problem. 

So we could treat the person emotionally, raise their vital force to induce a healing state or treat the immune and digestive system. We might do this by resolving liver and bowel health problems and finding the best-tolerated and most effective nutritional/herbal/homoeopathic remedies for that individual. What is fascinating is that every treatment is different, and it is the patient’s body that calls the tune as layers of stresses are removed, treatment by treatment.



Kinesiology - Test vials

One of the exciting breakthroughs that we’ve had in the last 15 years is the use of test vials. These homeopathically-charged vials or the product to give us a great deal of information when we place them within the patient’s electromagnetic field, then test their muscle response. 

We are often able to check out potential stressors to the body such as bacteria deficiency, digestive enzyme deficiency, thyroid problems and other imbalances. 

The vials are placed on the body one by one. The frequencies from the vials may alter the response of the muscle being tested, which enables us to find out key imbalances that need to be treated.

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