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About Lyndsey

  • Licensed Senior Acupuncturist
  • BSc (Hons) Acupuncture 
  • Post-grad Dipolma Paediactrics
  • Post-grad Diploma Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
  • Member of BAcC
  • Kinesiology Federation Affiliate (KF)
  • TFH Kinesiology 
  • Applied Kinesiology 
  • Classical Kinesiology techniques
  • P.R.A.N.A (Polarity Reflex)
  • Manual Therapy Techniques 
  • Spinal Manipulation - Level 1
  • Micro-needling techniques
  • Mesotherapy techniques

I have always had an interest in holistic medicine. My ancestral lineage originates from Japan. The work I do is in appreciation and respect for my ancestral roots which have now become a part of daily life.


I became an acupuncturist so that I could share the benefits of oriental medicine with others. After receiving successful treatments for my own health, I decided to pass on the experience to others. I extended my knowledge in great depth, and subsequently trained at the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, which integrates Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I studied continuously more than 9 years in acupuncture to obtain a BSc Honours degree and two Post-grad Diplomas (4000 plus hours training). I have completed a a Post-grad Diploma in Paediatrics (2017) and Fertility, Gynaecology & Obstetrics (2019). 

I am a proud member of the UK regulatory body, the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which means I must keep up-to-date with regular training. I have also trained in various other techniques, such as Japanese acupuncture, trigger point therapy, muscle balancing musculo- skeletal issues and sports injury repair and specialise in fertility. I am passionate about acupuncture and it would be a privilege to help you discover whether it can benefit you too.

In addition, I am a qualified in various modes of Kinesiology; Applied Kinesiology, P.R.A.N.A, Classical techniques and Touch For Health Kinesiology. I am able to help people maintain and harmonise their body's energy by exploring the structural form, bio-chemical and emotional dimensions. This enables me to analyse what nutrition, foods or chemicals can balance, strengthen or weaken the body. Functional biochemistry, essential nutrition and kinesiology help create and develop a successful awareness of nutritional requirements to allow the body to regain full health.   

Lyndsey Hori-Johnson, Lic Acu, BSc (Hons) Acu, BA (Hons), Dip Paed, MBAcC, 

Holistic Philosophy


My treatments identify and treat the root cause of a patient’s symptoms or health concerns.  This approach enables the body to truly repair and re-balance. Treatments given have been effective, with lasting results and inspiring treatments. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE, recommends acupuncture on the NHS for back pain, migraines and headaches. The respected Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) recommends acupuncture for chronic pain. Unfortunately not all GP's refer patients for acupuncture treatment.


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